Unbox Neousys IoT Gateway IGT-20

Neousys Technology has released IGT-20 for industrial gateway application of IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0 and automation.

IGT-20 from Neousys Technology

IGT-20 is an industrial grade system

IGT-20 is based on AM3352, the TI Sitara AM335x family, with pre-installed Debian. Unlike some SoMs provided as a PCB board, IGT-20 is shipped as a full system of industrial grade. To be used in industrial field, IGT-20 complies with certain common industrial certification, such as CE/FCC, shock and vibration. Besides, it takes a wide range of power input ranging from 8 to 25VDC, which is considered proper for industrial usage. This also distinguishes IGT-20 from SoMs, which usually accepts only 5VDC.

IGT-20 is designed for gateway application

No matter what, IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0 or automation, we name it, most industrial gateways are often designed to collect physical status of the environment via various sensors and then transmit it again in some way. To connect to sensors, IGT-20 equips with one USB2.0, one 10/100M LAN, two configurable RS-232/422/485, and one optional CAN Bus port. These covers a large portion of interfaces of sensors which industrial gateways usually connects to. Additionally, there are 4 built-in isolated digital input channels, which accepts discrete signals from, for example proximity, sensors, as well as buttons. There are also four built-in isolated digital output channels to control actuators and indicators for industrial applications.

IGT-20 provides wireless connectivity

As IoT and IIoT imagines a world that things, even in industrial field, connect together wirelessly, IGT-20 as a industrial gateway having a mini PCIe slot and an USIM holder can transmits all the acquired data and system status via 3G, 4G or WiFi technologies with an additional mini PCIe module. There is an antenna hole on top of IGT-20, enabling users wiring the SMA connector from the wireless module to the chassis. Some users might need one more antenna hole. In this case, a smart design of IGT-20 helps.

Other features

Regarding to the storage, IGT-20 takes a dual-microSD design. This not only enables users to separate system and user data, but also expedites OS deployment of mass production of users. Besides, in case of upgrade or maintenance of OS, ┬áit’s possible to directly swap the microSD without time-consuming duplication of the whole OS from an external device. The use of a push-push socket realizes an easy installation or removal of the external microSD, under an elegantly shaped cover.
As an industrial gateway, there is no display output on IGT-20. However, like many other industrial devices, six built-in user programmable LED indicators can reveal the status of IGT-20. Moreover, users can take advantage of the two user programmable buttons to manipulate IGT-20 even if neither a monitor nor keyboard/mouse is attached to IGT-20. Like other linux systems, IGT-20 provides a console port via RS-232. By default, full control of IGT-20 is possible when users login via this console port.


In summary, IGT-20 is a real industrial gateway for IoT, IIoT and automation applications, considering only the hardware requirement. Of course, software is important, but actually, many related companies in this business have their own software package. This will be an interesting thing in this area.

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