Grayhill 60A Encoder Joystick Compatible with Neousys Nuvo-2500 MAIO

Grayhill 60A Joystick provides QEI (quadrature encoder interface), push button and 2-direction, i.e. X and Y, joystick with 2-bit analog input in one shaft. When working with a HMI, or displays alike, users can use the 2-direction joystick to select items, rotate the shaft with QEI to adjust the parameter, and commit the value by pressing the same shaft. It’s also an intuitional usage to rotate the shaft with QEI to select what to control and use the 2-direction joystick to make adjustment if it is a 2-dimension property, such as X-Y table.

However, it’s not easy for general purpose controller to have QEI , AI and DI by default. Nevertheless, Neousys Technology recently releases a new option of it’s Bay Trail fanless controller Nuvo-2500 titled as MAIO, standing for Mullti-function Automation Input and Output, The MAIO enables PWM, QEI , AI, DI and DO on Nuvo-2500. And it seemed feasible to work with Grayhill 60A.
Grayhill 60A Encoder Joystick
To check the compatibility between Grayhill 60A and Neuosys Nuvo-2500 MAIO, a real Grayhill 60A is loaned, thanks to QuadRep Electronics [Taiwan] Ltd, and tested. The Neousys Nuvo-2500 MAIO provides exactly what 60A needs, and works perfectly. The pinout of 60A is shown in the following table
Pin # Description Specification
1 Ground Ground of power input and all signals
2 Push button Normally-open dry contact
3 Push button
4 QEI Output B Open-collect output
5 QEI Output A Open-collect output
6 Power input 5VDC
7 Y direction Output 0V/2.5V/5V (LOW / neutral / HIGH)
8 X direction Output 0V/2.5V/5V (LOW / neutral / HIGH)
The 2-direction joystick a 2-bit analog output. That is, it outputs 0V and 5V respectively at two ends and 2.5V at the neutral position. Three possible values make 60A incompatible with digital inputs.  Neousys Nuvo-2500 MAIO provides 2 AI which are enough to tell the three possible position, i.e. LOW, neutral and HIGH, of the joystick. Besides, the shaft outputs two square waves with 90 degrees difference in phase, i.e. quadrature encoder interface. Electrically, the QEI output pair is compatible with digital inputs. But it will a troublesome task for users to decode the phase difference. The QEI of Neousys Nuvo-2500 MAIO automatically decodes, by hardware, the quadrature encoder input signal to count value. Users can directly read without extra software work.
In additional to signals, Neousys Nuvo-2500 MAIO also provides a 5VDC output and can apply to the power input of 60A. All the works show that Grayhill 60A works fine with Neuosys Nuvo-2500 MAIO. Please contact with Neousys if any question.

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