Configure IGT-20 to DHCP from Factory Setting

The LAN of IGT-20 is set to static IP,, for users’ convenience when it’s shipped out of factory. This facilitates users to connect to your IGT-20 by SSH via a common CAT-5e cable as soon as you get them. However, if you’d like to connect your IGT-20 to Ethernet for some reasons, such as upgrade, installation of new software packages and so on, the factory setting doesn’t work well.

It’s strongly recommended the console port is used if you’d like to change IGT-20 to DHCP because the new IP assigned by DHCP server to IGT-20 might be unknown to you. By using console port, it’s possible for you to know the new IP. Here’s a very simple way, as root, to make it done:


Please note that this approach will delete ALL configured wired networks on the IGT-20. Although there’s only one LAN on IGT-20, please still take a little more care. In case that you’d like to specifically configure the network setting, please refer to ConnMan man page.

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